Talent & Employer Branding

As a Talent Acquisition professional working closely with Marketing, Branding and Company Communications teams, I have had the privilege to work on projects that affect LinkedIn's Employer and Talent Branding efforts.  To be clear, here is the difference between the two:

  • Employer brand is an organization’s positioning as an employer compared to its competitors, and the messaging it crafts and disseminates about what it’s like to work there.

  • Talent brand includes how you, the founders, and leaders define your workplace culture (in other words, your employer brand), plus how your talent and other stakeholders (past, present, and future/potential) actually feels about your company, and what they say about its work environment. 

LinkedIn Life

@LinkedInLife Instagram

One of my favorite projects that has affected both branding efforts the greatest has been LinkedIn's company culture social channels (@LinkedInLife). 

LinkedIn Life: Our unique culture and people set us apart. We work hard, get sh*t done and have fun. Follow us to get an inside look. #LinkedInLife

Through setting up the strategy, planning, and execution of these channels, three of the  priorities have been:

  • Position LinkedIn as the employer of choice
  • Encourage employees to show their company pride
  • Run marketing campaigns to target segmented target audiences

Launched the page with 800 followers. Owned the previous page @linkedInstudents- targeted to the University population. Current usage of the hashtag has over 40k posts on Instagram alone. Developed strategy and roadmap for @linkedInlife, employee activation, follower growth strategy, engagement strategy. 


Employer Branding

Most of the Employer Branding work that I led involved Social Media, Blog Campaigns and videos projects. One of the blog campaigns was in partnership with the Global Intern Program, which inspired students across the globe to find their voice on the LinkedIn platform by sharing a story or key learning from that summer. Each blog post was linked with the hashtag #LinkedInterns, which is the official tag that tracks life of an intern at LinkedIn.

This project highlighted one of Linkedin's senior engineering leaders to share insight and highlight the transparent culture of the company. I owned several of these video projects that helped the audience get a better understanding of what it would be like to work/intern for LinkedIn.

Talent Branding

The talent branding efforts that I've been involved with have ranged from segmentation projects, to targeted marketing campaigns, to even recruiter trainings on how we communicate the LinkedIn story to candidates. The top three goals of my talent branding efforts included:

  • Empowering Talent Acquisition teams to use media in their recruiting strategy to accelerate hires
  • Target segmented audiences that align with hiring priorities and share with them content depicting life at LinkedIn
  • Engaging with (past, present, and future/potential) employees through @LinkedInLife social channels 

See below for a project that I put together outside of my day role to simply share with friends and family about what regular day-to-day is like. LinkedIn enjoyed the video so much that we ended up leveraging it in a sponsored post, targeting to a couple of hiring segments at the time.